Our entire staff is 100% volunteer, so all donations are put directly towards Camp CADI. Your support will help transport girls to camp, sponsor girls who cannot afford to come on their own and buy necessary supplies. We are a grassroots non-profit organization committed to supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse - and we need your support to do that! 

Birthday Party
During one of our early camps, we were celebrating one of the campers birthdays with some cake after dinner, and one little girl told our founder, Amy Barth, that no one had ever thrown her a birthday party. Amy made a trip to the store and purchased a larger cake, decorations and a birthday gift for every girl at camp that year.

It has become a yearly tradition to celebrate everyone's birthday together one night at camp. Several of the donation buttons below reference this birthday party; your donation could help make one child's entire year, by offering her a celebration most of us take for granted.

If you start shopping with Amazon Smile a portion percentage of your purchases will be donated to us!