We offer various programs for international students. 

Private School Placement

We connect international middle and high school students with private schools in the U.S.A. We assist with school selection, acceptance and the required paperwork. One World United has lots of experience getting students accepted into private schools that meet their specific needs. We have a portfolio of schools that we've successfully places students in. One World United will place the student in a host family near by the chosen school. We truly care about the student's academic and cultural experience and will go above and beyond to find the right school and host family. 

Short Term E.S.L. & Immersion Programs

We offer short term E.S.L. and  American immersion programs. These programs are designed to prepare the student for life in american schools and families. The main focus of these programs are to strengthen the student's understanding of english reading, writing and speaking skills. As well as, educating them about American culture, traditions, family life, and friendships. 

Mentorship Program

All qualified students who have completed one semester in our program, are in good standing at school and with their host family will be paired with a career mentor. Students will indicate careers that they are interested in and One World United will pair the student with a person in that field to learn from. Mentors will be available by email and phone to help students explore the chosen career path and to guide them in building a successful future. We truly believe that out mentorship program sets us apart from other programs. Gaining a valuable support system in the U.S.A. can help direct the path of college choices and professional networking. 

E.S.L. Summer Camp

We can offer E.S.L. summer camps to individual students or larger groups. Our summer camps  offer E.S.L. and American immersion lessons, as well as cultural trips, college visits, and traditional camp activities. This is an excellent way to experience american culture while strengthening academic skills and understanding of life in America.